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Cosplay Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 20, 2015, 12:05 PM
I haven't memed for a while.

Q: What is your cosplay alias?

I don’t have one.


Q: How many years have you cosplayed?

About 4 I think? I started in 2011.


Q: How did you get into cosplaying?

I saw that it was a thing that people did and I wanted to try.


Q: What was your first convention and how did it go?

London Comic Con. It was such an awesome atmosphere and I really felt like it was a place where I could be myself.


Q: How many cons have you been to?

I’ve lost count. A lot.


Q: How many cosplays have you done?



///Your Cosplays///


Q: What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?

Marik Ishtar because I was YGO trash at the time.


Q: What is your favourite cosplay you've done so far?

I really like wearing my Laito one ironically. I get to feel like a douche and be proud of it.


Q: What is your least favourite you've cosplayed?

Probably Ryuko because the wig I got did not suit me at all and literally everyone can do Ryuko better than I can.


Q: What cosplay is the most uncomfortable?

As of right now probably Marik because it’s way too small for me.




Q: How do you research the cosplay before you make it?



Q: Do you sew your cosplays yourself?

Hahaha no.


Q: If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?

I couldn’t. I’m awful at that kind of stuff.


Q: Do you make your own props?



Q: If so, how did you learn to? If not, do you plan to learn?



Q: Do you style your own wigs?

When they get messy, yeah.


Q: What other skills do you use to create your cosplays?

My desperate attempts to become the character.


Q: What skill has been most useful for making your cosplay?

The internet.


Q: What is the hardest thing when making a cosplay?

Props and shoes. In general.


Q: What was the biggest screw up you've had making a cosplay?

I cosplayed Hanji, bought the 3DMG yet no matter how many tutorials I watched I couldn’t for the life of me get it on.


Q: How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay?

Often. I pull many muscles.




Q: Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials?

I try to stay cheap. Although if I have the money I may get a bit excessive.




Q: Have you ever cosplayed with a partner or group?

Not yet but I will be doing it next year. Me and some friends are doing a group Wonderland! Black Butler cosplay for MCM Manchester.


Q: Do you try to act in character?

Well if by in character you mean dress up as Grell at a meetup and attempt to seduce two Sebastians then yes. One of them tried to murder me but the other danced with me so I’m not entirely sure whether it was a success or not.


Q: Have you ever done fan service at a con? (yaoi, yuri, etc)

At the same meetup I sat on a Sebastian’s lap if that counts during a cosplay contest. 


Q: How do you react to cosplayers dressed as character from the same anime/game/etc?

I always have to run up to them and say hi. At Doki Doki, my friend was also a Sebastian and had a random Ciel cosplayer that we didn’t know come up to her and played the Pocky game with her. Yeah.


Q: Do you try to duplicate your character's expressions, walk, movements, etc?

Depends on the character. With Grell I can do it no problem but if I was cosplaying say Laito for instance then I can’t because I’d rather not get kicked out for sexual assault.


Q: When crossplaying, do you try to act as much like the gender as possible?

Um no? I act like the character, their gender has nothing to do with it.


Q: What was your funniest experience of acting in character?

Literally 90% of the meetup where I was Santa Grell. I was allowed to act stupid and people liked it.


Q: What was your worst experience acting in character?

I don’t really have any in terms of acting in character.




Q: Do you compete in cosplay contests?

Not at cons, maybe at small meetups.


Q: Have you won anything?

I almost won with Santa Grell, I was told after than the organiser wanted me to win but couldn’t let me because one of the judges was my friend XD


Q: Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?

If you can do it do it.




Q: How many friends have you made because of cosplay?

Quite a lot.


Q: Do you attend photo shoots and meet-ups outside of conventions?



Q: What is the funniest reaction you've gotten cosplaying from people?

I remember cosplaying Marik one year at a con and some girl in the distance started fangirling over me.




Q: How long do you think you'll be cosplaying for?

A long ass time.


Q: Name a few cosplays you're planning to do next:

Cheshire Cat Grell for MCM and hopefully Brokoto Tachibana for SunnyCon next year. (I’m doing the latter because Makoto’s dub VA is going and I want to turn up with a sign that says ‘I’ve got backstroke for days’.)


Q: What is your dream cosplay?

As of right now, I really wanna do Devil Homura but I don’t have a clue on how to do the wings.




Q: What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay?

Mostly hair-length. I don’t suit short haired characters at all.


Q: Is cosplay serious business for you?

It’s a bit of fun yo.


Q: What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

The satisfaction of someone asking for your photo at a con and shouting your character’s name.


Q: What is your least favourite?

When you see someone cosplaying the same character as you and they’re way better at it than you.

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Chibi Characters
ID Thing by FizzyPumpkin
COM - Robo Cat by FizzyPumpkin
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A single chibi-styled character, coloured and shaded. 


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United Kingdom

Greetings peasants. It seems that you have stumbled across my page where I like to draw things. Sometimes. When I have time. I mostly draw OCs since it feels like it's the only thing I can draw. Aside from that, I am also anime trash and I like to cry about it. Fun.
So yeah. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to talk to me. Seriously. I am a lonely sod in need of friends and I will talk to anyone.

YouTube: FizzyPumpkin
Tumblr: millenniumtechsupport / littlefoxthief
Steam: Shinigami Fizzy


I do cosplay things because I like going to cons and I always feel awkward if I'm not in something. Also because it's fun despite the fact I am not the best cosplayer out there.

:bulletgreen: Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
:bulletyellow: Chell (Portal)
:bulletgreen: Hanji Zoe (Attack on Titan)
:bulletyellow: Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)
:bulletgreen: Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
:bulletyellow: Laito Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)
:bulletgreen: Wonderland!Grell Sutcliff (Kuroshitsuji)
:bulletyellow: Brokoto Tachibana (Free! Dubbed)

Future Plans

:bulletyellow: Rika Furude (Higurashi) - Possibly for a group cosplay thing I may have been forced into.
:bulletgreen: Nagisa Momoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) - Maybe.
:bulletyellow: Shiro (No Game No Life) - I have a friend who's gonna do Sora with me.
:bulletgreen: Shiki Natsumezaka (Dance with Devils) - I don't know when I don't know why but I am going to do this and no one can stop me.
:bulletyellow: Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club) - For a group thing.

2016 Conventions

:bulletred: Liverpool MCM Comic Con - 12th-13th March
:bulletblue: SunnyCon - 17th-19th June
:bulletred: Manchester MCM Comic Con - 30th-31st July
:bulletblue: Doki Doki Festival Manchester - 12th November

You're drawing a character with lots of spots. Do you... 

16 deviants said Try to get the general area of spots right but not perfect.
3 deviants said Copy the spots perfectly so that each spot is in the correct place.
2 deviants said Just draw spots. Who cares where they go, no one will notice if it's different.


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